Debate Aadhar, like the name suggests gives the foundation of parliamentary debating. It is a 3-5 hours long workshop for institutions, designed for beginners and it usually covers a demo debate, interactive lecture sessions, drills, debate games, practice debate, individual feedback and debate club formation in the institution for sustainability of the learning. Debate Aadhar opens up the world of modern day debating to the enthusiasts.

Debate Aadhar, which is organized on ‘on demand’ basis, is an ideal workshop if you want to form a functioning debate club in your institution after briefly training your team regarding the format – either World Schools or British Parliamentary. DNN also provides mentorship and further opportunities to these clubs. The participants will boost up their confidence, inherit research and brainstorming habits and skills, level up their critical thinking abilities, hone argumentation and refutation skills and be a better speaker.

Debate Aadhar is a good base for aspiring speakers to be involved in further advance levels of debate training like Tarkashala or even participate in various debate tournaments organized throughout the year.

When organized within the valley, the standard fee is NPR 25,000 for a group of upto 40 participants. Please reach out to us for a proposal.

After the end of Debate Aadhar, on an ‘on demand basis’, you can also have us to organize a mini tournament at your institution which would make the training program more effective.