DNN has been partnering with various institutions to organize what is typically a three days long parliamentary debating workshop targeted to pre-selected group of participants. The program is similar to Tarkashala in many regards and is accredited as equivalent to the same in many instances. However, Debate Academy does not necessarily have to be an open call based and residential one. If you wish to organize one at your place, please contact us.

More importantly, the idea of organizing national level debate academy is still under construction here at DNN. The idea is particularly different from the abovementioned one – it is to organize Nepal’s most advanced debate school with noted international trainers. In the past, DNN partnered with Debate Yatra to have World Debate Institute organize Nepal Debate Academy however the plan could not be successful because of heartbreaking demise of Alfred Snider, one of the organizers and proposed trainers. With his passing away and conclusion of Debate Yatra campaign, we are currently working to conceptualize this program in changed circumstances.

Please stay tuned for more updates.