Debate Shrinkhala, as the name suggests, is a series of debate workshops and it usually runs for 5-10 weeks on one class per week basis. It depends on how long you want it and how many participants we have. The program is organized for your institution on ‘on demand basis’ and covers the basic knowledge on parliamentary format of debating.

Debate Shrinkhala provides excellent platform to sustain and practice debate skills through consistent debate trainings throughout the weeks. Throughout the training session, gradual yet striking improvement in the oration, critical thinking, analysis and argumentation is seen in the students. The program is ideal for those institutions who want to have debating as part of their ECA or CCA. The content offers demo debate, interactive debate lectures with drills, practice debate followed by feedback, special access to regular practice platforms and club formation.

When organized within the Kathmandu valley, the standard fee is NPR 2000 per an hour long class of up to 32 students. Please contact our team for the detailed proposal and we will design a new quotation for you on the basis of your institution’s specific needs.