Pawan started as an intern in DNN in 2016 and went on to being an executive, departmental head, and Vice Chair before being elected as the Chair for the 2019 tenure. 

Pawan started his debating journey as a participant of Debate Boot Camp 1 being awarded as the ‘king of the batch’. Finding an interest developed in debating, he went on to participate in the tournaments like Kathmandu Debating Championship and Climate Debates. Even though he could not qualify further from the group stages, he did not stop participating and growing himself as a debater which resulted him in being finalist in Mahidol AP mixture in Thailand. Then started his journey of being finalist of many prestigious tournaments such as National Debate Fest 2016, The Liberty Debates, MahaSangram, 2016 and tech debates 2017. He has also been semifinalist in Kathmandu Debating Championship 2. In 2016, he also represented Tribhuvan University in GNLU Debates. He was also selected to represent TU at Dutch WUDC 2017. Breaking the streak, he finally became the winner of 8th Yuwa Yug  Debates, 2017. In 2017, he also represented Nepal in IUB Ascension prior to which he served as a co-chief adjudicator in MahaSangram 2017.

Pawan not only has an inspirational profile as a debater but is also one of the most established adjudicator of Nepal. In his first tournament experience as a judge, he was able to become best adjudicator in Mahakumbha II. He was an adjudicator in St. Xavier’s Debate Tournament 2016. Later he progressed to become Deputy Chief Adjudicator in Mahakumbha III and Chief Adjudicator in GIHE Debates.

He is one of the most talented trainers of Nepal. Pawan has a lot of debaters who owe their debating skills to him. He was the lead trainer in GIHE debates and co-lead trainer in Tarkashala XI and XII. He has been co-lead trainer for projects such as Debate Aadhar and Debate Shrinkhala. He was also a trainer for Mahakumbha III, Debateast and Chal Chamkilo projects. He is proficient in both English and Nepali languages.

His specialization is in organizing quality debate tournaments and representing Nepal better in international platforms.

You can reach him at adhipawankari[at]