‘VidhuShe, Women’s International Debating Tournament’ is the tournament exclusively for women debaters in British Parliamentary (BP) debate format being organized in Nepal. The event is organized as an annual plan of Debate Network Nepal. The four days long tournament includes a training, group stage, knockout rounds, grand finale and award ceremony. Across debate communities worldwide, it has been an established practice to organize tournaments by and for women and understanding the specific need of organizing one in Nepal as well, VidhuShe has been brought forth. The participants and organizers are committed to the cause of women and the supporting of values concerning their liberties and freedoms.

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The first and the second edition of VidhuShe saw the over 50 national and 10 international participants coming together to empower women and strengthen their quantitative and qualitative presence in debate community through debate training and competition focused on women related issues.

Format: British Parliamentary format

Team capacity in total: 40 (2 female debaters per team)

Who can participate: Students from Grade 8-12 or equivalent

Breaking teams (Opens category): 16 for Quarterfinals

Breaking teams (Novice category): 8 for Semifinals

vidhushe 2018