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Engaging youths today, that too in academic and intellectual activities, is the best way to ensure a proper future. Furthermore, mobilizing youth power in community development ensures sustainable and collaborative development.


The program co-organized by Budhanilkantha Municipality and Debate Network Nepal sought to do the same. This 16 days long program engaged 19 aspiring youths from all wards of Budhanilkantha Municipality who were involved in learning, understanding and analyzing policies, status quo and future possibilities of four different developmental aspects of Budhanilkantha Municipality. By the end of this program, the participants were able to analyze problems and policies in depth, carry out scientific social research and present their arguments, findings and recommendations in a comprehensive manner.



Engagement of youths is an absolute necessity for holistic development of both the community and youths themselves. This program was aimed towards mentoring youths from a Municipality level and to push them towards promoting civic awareness and responsibilities.


1. To promote an intellectual discourse among youths of Budhanilkantha Municipality.
2. To expose youths to professional attributes like speaking, critical thinking, analysis,
argumentation, academic writing, research etc.
3. To obtain a detailed report on four different issues identified, researched and debated
upon by youths within the Municipality.
4. To create a platform for discussion and communication among the government and the
5. To create proactive youths for future activities of Budhanilkantha.


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