Debate Network Nepal (DNN) is the national debate organization of Nepal advancing critical thinking and debating culture since 2013. Registered in 2015 with the Office of Company Registrar as a profit-not-distributing company, DNN is a tax-exempt, youth-led, and non-partisan institution.

Owing to the lack of critical thinking and debating in Nepal’s education system and public institutions, DNN has made its mission to institutionalize debate culture in the academic and civic life of the nation. As the nation’s premier platform in the field, DNN has been pivotal in building further the base of debate culture and helped people better understand the significance and power of debating.

Operating across six thematic areas – Democracy, Empowerment, Base Building, Advocacy, Tournament, and Education (DEBATE) – DNN organizes flagship training programs such as Debate Aadhar, Debate is Cool, and Tarkashala, alongside prestigious tournaments like MahaKumbha National Schools, MahaSangram Open Internationals, Rastra Bahas, Gender Debates, and VidhuShe each year.

Since its inception, Debate Network Nepal has helped thousands become better thinkers and communicators and many have gone on to be changemakers in their respective fields. In addition, Nepal’s representation has become more consistent in regional and international debating platforms and championships and the performance has significantly flourished in recent years. Over the last decade, DNN has evolved as an organization proactively advancing inclusion and democracy both in terms of its governance and the issues it champions.

Furthermore, it has helped advance discourse in numerous themes, ranging from Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to Economic Development, and from  Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) to Migration, Environment, and Climate Change. It uses internationally recognized formats such as British Parliamentary (BP), World Schools Debating Championship (WSDC), and Asian Parliamentary (AP) in promoting debating.

While DNN’s beneficiaries have majorly been the students, partner organizations such as academic institutions, CBOs/CSOs, I/NGOs, and private organizations, as well as professionals such as educators, political leaders, entrepreneurs, and development workers have benefited from its programs.

DNN invites institutions and individuals from all walks of life to join its programs as it aims to continue collaborating with diverse stakeholders in achieving its vision of strengthened democratic values through debating and civic engagement in Nepal.


  • Strengthened democratic values through debating and civic engagement in Nepal.


  • Institutionalizing debate culture in the academic and civic life of Nepal.

Our Values:

  • D = Democracy
  • I = Inclusion
  • C = Community
  • E = Empowerment

Thematic Areas:

DNN has been carrying out the following activities being based on below mentioned thematic areas:

  • D = Democracy
  • E = Empowerment
  • B = Base Building
  • A = Advocacy
  • T = Tournaments
  • E = Education