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MahaKumbha is the nation’s official and largest WSDC format’s debating championship. It is set for school and high school students from all over the nation. It also acts as the tournament that selects the national team for World Schools Debating Championship happening every year.

World School’s Debating Championships

World Schools Debate Championship (WSDC) format is the world’s most popular debate format for high school students. The world championship that happens every year follows this style. It is an hour long 3 on 3 parliamentary debate format consisting a total of 8 speeches addressing the motion.

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The fifth edition of MahaKumbha is set to continue the legacy of providing excellent debating platform for the high school students from all over the nation and selecting the best ones to represent Nepal in WSDC 2019. The WSDC 2019 is scheduled to take place in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Format: WSDC format

Team capacity in total: 40 3 (debaters per team, optional coach)

Who can participate: Students from Grade 8-12 or equivalent

Breaking teams (Open category): 8 for Quarterfinals

Breaking teams (Novice category): 4 for Semifinals

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